$3.00 USD, $5.00 USD, $10.00 USD

Help support us to support you!

Tip Jar submissions help us keep our publication afloat and growing. We keep Tip Jar submissions open year-round with a guaranteed expedited response, which means no matter the time of year we will send you a publication decision within a week (7 days) of submission, whereas the free submission responses during June-July and January-February can be more erratic with regards to response time. 

Other than the $3/$5/$10 fee to make it happen and the guaranteed response time, our requirements for expedited submissions are the same as free submissions, which are as follows:


  • No minimum word count. Roughly 8,000 maximum word count.
  • Number your pages.
  • Submit a cover letter with your contact information included.
  • We encourage simultaneous submissions, but please let us know in your cover letter if it is a simultaneous submission. If your piece is accepted elsewhere, please let us know ASAP, and congratulations!

General Housekeeping:

  • If you have not heard a response after a week, you can email us with the header “Expedited Submission Status” and we’ll be happy to let you know about the status of your submission.
  • If you publish with us, you will receive a complimentary copy of the issue your piece is in.

 For an insight into our preferences, check out the "Submit" tab on the Levee website.